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Mr. Om Taori. CEO & MD Flash Consultants & Contractors

Mr. Om Taori completed BE in 1988 started his career at Videocon in '89. Flash Consultants & Contractors was founded end of 1989.

Journey of Flash's Growth in CEO's own words

"In initial years of working & learning, the one incident that changed my career path was when I met a senior contractor in the field, he asked me a few practical questions, to which I couldn't answer. That is the time when I realized that, I will learn, grow & succeed is when I go into the field.

By the end of the year, I came to Indore. I started working at RRCAT with the single thought in mind, to start something from scratch and nurture to excellence. At RRCAT, I learned every single aspect of the electrical field & faced challenges at every step that help me breakthrough to revolutionary ideas. Under the guidance of senior contractors & experienced leaders of the field, I got trained in the system. This was the point where I had to choose, either continue employed for a firm where I will have the comfort of a regular income and a controlled work environment or starting my own firm with a higher risk & stake involved but still being satisfied even when I have my last meal of the day. I clearly chose the latter. This is when Flash Consultant & Contractor was born. When I stepped into the market as what we call it today, as a young entrepreneur, I had 2 people along with me. They were being trained under my guidance, I was learning the curve of success & failure of a business. Slowly & gradually I got a hang of it, started receiving tenders at one end & professional trust at the other. Be it anywhere in the space, the only way you survive through any phase is when you have built strong relationships with people who will support you through the journey. It is needless to say, I got that strong support quite early in my career. Once I got into the flow of it, there was no turning back. It’s been 31 years into this journey & even today, we are as strong & sound with a workforce of 60 and growing as we were back then. Mentioning a couple of achievement across our path.”

Our Major Clientele.

RRCAT (DAE-Department of Atomic Energy):

Projects successfully completed across Operations, Maintenance, Street Lights, Cabling Work, Internal Lighting Work, Generators, OFC Cables, Telephone Cables, etc.

Daly College :

Renovating their old electric system to an entirely modernized one. Made 33kv Substations, 11kv Substations, underground HT Cabling. This led to all their old cabling going underground & solving their major technical issue of power.

IIM Indore, 2000:

Indore Development Authority:

Worked on 140 Wembe Quarter, Electrical & External Internal. Completed & got appreciated by the CM of Madhya Pradesh for Street Light project from Vijay Nagar to Fortune Landmark, build 13M poles across the path.

PDC Pune, STPI Bangalore, KMDS Bangalore, Nasik Data Center, MIDC Tier 3 Data Center. For all the Electrical & Non -IT from designing, Cabling, implementation, testing & support for consequent years.

Parmanu Nagar Rehwasi Sang, entire colony designing, planning & execution. We have completed plenty of electrical development work.

South Africa Guinea, Jan 2020: Completed Smart Data Center project for the government of Guinea.